WDC Project Forums

The purpose of the WDC Project Forum is to support a woman developer by connecting her with seasoned professionals to help overcome her project’s most difficult challenges. Each 90-minute Project Forum session is tailored to the developer's specific needs. The session begins with a short presentation by the developer, which is followed by panelist questions, advice and actionable direction. Audience members are invited to share resources and advice to help advance the development. A wide range of issues can be addressed from marketing to product positioning - and from design to financing structure, equity raising and maintaining control of your project.

WDC 2023 Project Forum **Call for Entries**
WDC's Project Forum Program brings the focus of real estate experts to your development deal to help problem solve in real time. We are now lining up our 2023 program!  
If you are interested in presenting your project or learning more, please email wdc@seifel.com 

You may submit your application here: