The Women’s Development Collaborative (WDC) hosts virtual programs and in-person events that are held concurrently with the Spring and Fall Meetings of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). You can see and register for this year's WDC programs here.
WDC’s programs foster connections among women leaders, showcase women projects developed by women, and advance our mission:
  • BUILDEmpower women developers– advance real estate development that is led by women
  • INVESTExpand access to capital– increase investment in women-led developments and promote investment by women
  • INSPIREPromote economic opportunity– expand women in the development supply chain and workforce
  • TRANSFORMBenefit women and communities– build and strengthen healthy, inclusive and vibrant communities
To learn more about the women we have showcased over the years, please check out our Program Archives, which can be accessed from the Program dropdown menu.
WDC’s virtual programs include:
    • Project Forum– Project Forums that support women developers through a focused 90-minute session with seasoned professionals who help them overcome their most difficult challenges. Each Project Forum is tailored to a developer's specific needs and begins with a short presentation by the developer, which is followed by advice and actionable direction from the panelist and the audience.
    • In Conversation with Developer– Programs that feature an inspiring conversation with a pioneering women developer.
    • Investment Forums– Programs that educate women about how to invest in real estate and inform developers about how to assemble capital for their developments.
    • Developer Forums– Programs that feature panels of developers and the ecosystem of women who help them achieve their transformative developments.
    • Room of Our Own– Topical, interactive programs that do a deeper dive into specific types of real estate development opportunities and challenges.
WDC’s in-person programs are held concurrent with the ULI Spring and Fall meetings and feature tours and presentations by women of transformative development projects and the ecosystem of women leaders and entrepreneurs that help achieve them. Our WDC in-person programs provide a networking opportunity for the women of ULI as well as invited friends, colleagues and students.