WDC 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Across the Country

images from websites of featured businesses: DITNB, Dahlia Gallery, Sugoi Sweets, flora & henri, and Jackalope Brewery

Over the years, WDC programs have featured wonderful women businesses across the country. This is our 2022 holiday gift guide where you can order delicious chocolates, gourmet food, elegant clothes, artisan crafts, and more from these talented entrepreneurs for the holidays and throughout the year.

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1. Boston– Dahlia Gallery  Gallery featuring artisan crafts and apparel, including elegant hand woven garments made by owner, Dahlia Popovits.

2. Chicago– Sugoi Sweets Confectioner creating “sugoi” moments (Japanese term meaning “amazing”) through the celebration of handcrafted chocolate, confections and other goodies.

3. Dallas– Kate Weiser Chocolate  Hand-painted gourmet chocolates that are works of art that showcase their unique flavors.

4. Denver– Snow Owl Confections  Decadently, delicious confectioner featuring all natural hot fudge sauces to warm up your winter

5.Detroit– Detroit is the New Black Community based retailer showcasing emerging Black & minority owned brands from Detroit.

6. Nashville– Jackalope Brewing Company (The Ranch) Craft brewery featuring delicious brews, meals, and lots of fun gifts.

7. New York– Organic Nectars Hudson Valley’s all-organic food company, specializing in agave, cacao and other delights including Cashewtopia.

8. San Diego– Extraordinary Desserts Delicious cafe and gourmet store featuring elegant desserts, meals and gourmet products created by Chef Karen Krasne.

9. Seattle– flora and henri Breathtaking collection of unique, sought-after, and inspiring creations for women, children and homes.

10. Washington DC– Union Market District  Creative marketplace celebrating culture, food, art, crafts, music, and everything that makes Washington, DC unique.