ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles (October 2017)

The Ratkovich Company graciously hosted us on The Bloc’s beautiful rooftop overlooking downtown LA as we kicked off our City of Angels events. Evening highlights included Clare DeBriere’s presentation along with other Ratkovich Company women about their work to transform the tired commmercial center in to the Bloc. Vinovore owner Coly Den Haan shared the inspiring story of its birth and her unique partnership with a local developer to achieve her dream to develop a wine shop that features women vintners. Innovators, entrepreneurs and diverse creators in downtown LA’s The Reef were showcased the following morning thanks to Ava Bromberg. Dana Trujillo also led us through the innovative features of the award-winning Star Apartments by Skid Row Housing Trust, which provides supportive housing for the formerly homeless in one of the first multi-family modular housing developments in California. A full slate of activities also included a visit to the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) where we could see firsthand this amazing center that resulted from Amanda Loso’s inspiring story of the friendship between two women to help women overcome poverty and end homelessness. For lunch we joined in the 100th anniversary celebration of the Grand Central Market where Adele Yellin curates an amazing group of restaurants and food vendors in LA’s historic market. Our day concluded at Metabolic Studio led by visual artist, Lauren Bon, who continues to demonstrate how art can both inspire and create environmental change through Bending the River Back to the City, among other projects.