Investor Club Interest Survey

Please fill out this survey so we can understand our collective interest and goals in forming one or more investor clubs.  A key purpose of this survey is to hear from you about your interest in participating and/or volunteering to create and lead an investor club. A summary of the survey results will be shared with WDC members.

As initially conceived, the purpose of forming one or more investor clubs is to educate women about investment opportunities and help attract investment into women-led real estate projects to help offset the imbalance of capital opportunities for female sponsors.  We’re considering two potential Investor Club structures, and neither are mutually exclusive:

  • Investor Collaborative (mix of investors)— Informal educational club focused on crowd funding opportunities and individual investments by participants.
  • Investment Club of Accredited Investors– A formal organizational structure to enable a group of accredited investors to evaluate opportunities and invest either as individual investors or as a group of investors.

For further information on both clubs, see the Investor Club overview