2019 WDC Sponsors

Many thanks to our WDC sponsors and members!

Urban Strategies

Urban Strategies is recognized internationally as a leader in strategic city building, having prepared successful master plans for large and small projects in city centres around the world. Founded in 1986, the firm has over 80 staff. Taking a design - based approach, they seamlessly integrate new buildings, spaces and places into existing urban fabric. Cities and the places within them are highly complex organisms. Urban Strategies embraces and untangles this reality through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to land - use planning and urban design. Connectivity is a theme in everything they do: linking many disciplines, diverse communities, fragmented places and strategic initiatives, all to create better urban environments. We ground our planning and design work in the real world of technical and financial constraints, environmental sustainability, and strategies for implementation. Always with an eye on the big picture and long term objectives, Urban Strategies aligns interests and perspectives — public and private, regional and local — for the greatest mutual gain.


LandDesign is a collection of landscape architects, civil engineers, urban designers, visionaries and problem solvers seeking to build value in every place we help create. Value has many meanings, and we use a unique combination of logic and magic to uncover it. The logic comes from 40+ years of understanding the fixed variables—what are the realities of the land, the code, the budget and the community? The magic emerges in innovative, creative, forward-thinking solutions that make an impact on those who live, play, work and relax in a place. Because we believe without logic, it’s not feasible—but without magic, it doesn’t matter. LandDesign proudly supports the Women’s Development Collaborative and recognizes the tremendous effort and impact of womenin our industry. LandDesign is working with inspiring women developers to build transformative projects at The Boro in Tysons and throughout the DC metro area.

Seifel Consulting

Seifel Consulting (Seifel) is a strategic economic advisory firm that helps clients achieve their project goals, meet complex urban growth challenges, and create financially viable and sustainable developments. Seifel has advised on real estate strategies that catalyze infill development, invigorate public spaces, enliven retail areas, provide housing for a broad range of community residents, and promote transit - oriented development. Seifel’s expertise in guiding the successful development of a broad range of land uses has been cultivated through our work for both public and private sector clients on real estate projects ranging in size from $10 million to $6 billion, many of which have been led by women. For example, Seifel has advised on most of San Francisco’s major public private partnerships and collaborated with talented women on the redevelopment of properties throughout downtown and in the nearby Mission Bay and adjacent Mission Rock neighborhoods, which are adding thousands of mixed income housing units and millions of square feet of new commercial and R&D space to San Francisco. Seifel brings specialized expertise in the structuring and implementation of public private partnerships for infill properties, advising on the developer solicitation, evaluation, selection, and negotiation process. Firm principal, Libby Seifel, is dedicated to advancing women’s leadership in business, real estate and technology through her work with the Women’s Development Collaborative, ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative and MIT. She is equally passionate about advancing best practices in urban development and serves on the faculty of the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design MRED+D graduate program.


For over 50 years, Willdan has delivered industry leading energy and engineering solutions that have transformed government and commerce – having implemented over 70 utility programs and served 130,000 small business, healthcare, hospitality, and education customers nationwide. Today, we are leading our clients into a future accelerated by change in resources, infrastructure, and technology.

Small Change

Small Change is an impact investing platform focused on transformational real estate projects. The platform matches everyday investors with real estate developers, including many women and minority owned development firms, providing opportunities for everyone who cares about cities and wants to make change. It’s like Kickstarter for real estate – but with a return. Small Change is based in Pittsburgh and works nationally. The platform has raised over $2M supporting over $20M in developments across the country, in cities such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago and Washington D.C. With a growing audience of over 20,000 followers, Small Change is at the forefront of the real estate fintech industry, as it provides a fluid and compliant technology platform that brings impact investment opportunities to everyone who cares about cities and wants to make change. Small Change was founded by Eve Picker. Eve is one of the foremost thinkers on urban change, and her work with Small Change has been acknowledged by the New Cities Foundation as a “Global Urban Innovator” and as a dean for HIVE 2017.


New York-based SMMC, which marks its 25th anniversary in 2019, is a boutique real estate marketing agency focused on residential and commercial real estate, placemaking and economic development. Its clients represent an industry who’s who and span the spectrum of real estate players from publicly-traded REITs (including the largest owners in NYC and Philadelphia), many of the country’s pre-eminent institutions, bi-coastal private equity funds, small, entrepreneurial owners, several of New York’s great real estate dynasties, and many major real estate brokerages. Recently it collaborated with one such family scion, Amy Rose of Rose Associates, on a ground-up 300-unit multifamily building, Hoyt & Horn, in Downtown Brooklyn. SMMC, which is proud to have designed and developed the WDC logo, is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) and actively pursues opportunities where the designation lends value to clients and their partners.

The Lifework Institute

Carol Murray is a co-founder and principal of The Lifework Institute. She brings more than 25 years experience coaching executives through personal and professional transitions and facilitating them and their organizations through periods of profound change. A skilled presenter and public speaker, Carol has designed and led well over 300 off-site leadership trainings, team-building efforts and total emersion retreats for individuals and organizations committed to growth and success.

Appleseed Strategy

Appleseed Strategy integrates marketing, business development and communications strategies to position design and construction companies for ongoing success and national standing in their fields. Each engagement is customized to each client’s organizational and individual goals and needs. By understanding our clients as people and paying close attention to detail, we hone in on what sets them apart from their peers. We then use our exceptional industry knowledge to craft realistic strategies for achieving goals and help clients put the resources in place to succeed. Our whole firm approach increases financial resilience and aligns branding, sales and marketing with what customers seek, while building stronger leaders and teams.