ULI Toronto welcomes WDC’s Emma West and Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker to leadership team

We are very excited to share that the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Toronto has welcomed WDC’s own Emma West and Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker as the new leadership of its Management Committee! Effective July 1, 2020, Emma will join the Management Committee of ULI Toronto as the new Chair and Cyndi as Vice Chair and Chair of Mission Advancement. Both Emma and Cyndi have been members of WDC since 2018.

Emma West, Partner, Bousfields:

Emma brings her breadth of experience with various ULI Toronto and ULI Global initiatives to the role, including her prior leadership positions with, to name a few, the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) Toronto Co-Chair and Global Executive Committee, Urban Revitalization Council member and Vice Chair and Chair of Mission Advancement of District Council. From her background in environmental and sustainable community planning to her time working in Amman on the regional plan to her current position at Bousfields Inc. leading public and private sector development approval, Emma has led numerous cross-disciplinary teams implementing some of our most complex city-building projects. Emma has been, and continues to be, a global champion of our region and industry through her commitment to fostering collaboration and connections, and her drive to empower the region’s next generation of leaders.


Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker, Partner, Urban Strategies Inc.:

Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker brings her strong multidisciplinary background and work as a planner and partner with Urban Strategies Inc. to the important work of ULI in her new role as Vice Chair and Chair of Mission Advancement. This builds on her past role as Co-Chair of ULI Toronto’s Symposiums in 2015 and 2018; Co-Chair for the tour days of the 2020 ULI Spring Meeting; and as a member of the University Development and Innovation Product Council. Cyndi’s understanding of the many factors that contribute to healthy urban environments has been applied across a diversity of project types, scales, jurisdictions and urban environments, and include large-scale master plans, complex planning approvals and innovative policy studies.  She is committed to effecting positive change in urban and urbanizing settings at all scales and is known for her skill in motivating diverse groups toward a common purpose.

Cyndi Rottenberg Walker 2018 colour copy

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