Sponsor Profile – Small Change

Small Change is an impact investing platform focused on transformational real estate projects.  


The platform matches everyday investors with real estate developers, including many women and minority owned development firms, providing opportunities for everyone who cares about cities and wants to make change. It’s like Kickstarter for real estate – but with a return.  

Small Change is based in Pittsburgh and works nationally.  The platform has raised over $2M supporting over $20M in developments across the country, in cities such as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Orleans, Chicago and Washington D.C. With a growing audience of over 20,000 followers, Small Change is at the forefront of the real estate fintech industry, as it provides a fluid and compliant technology platform that brings impact investment opportunities to everyone who cares about cities and wants to make change. 

Small Change was founded by Eve Picker. Eve is one of the foremost thinkers on urban change, and her work with Small Change has been acknowledged by the New Cities Foundation as a “Global Urban Innovator” and as a dean for HIVE 2017. 

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