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Juanita Harvey
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July 16, 2020

Creative placemaking—combining art and culture in tandem with good design– not only creates a unique sense of place but fosters healthy, culturally rich, and economically thriving places for all of us. Juanita Hardy, Tiger Management Consulting

As proven by Juanita Hardy, the synthesis of art and culture in tandem with great urban design has the power to bring communities together. Inspired projects have stitched together neighborhoods in beautiful ways. Examples of such creative placemaking include the 11th Street Bridge Park over the Anacostia River. of Washington, DC. Another project, Crosstown Concourse, grows from a defunct Sears Distribution Center transformed into a mixed use “urban village” in Memphis, Tennessee. In a lively Room of Our Own session, Juanita Hardy takes us on a tour.


what’s happening with healthcare and healthcare real estate in response to COVID-19? 

June 18, 2020

COVID-19 has had a supernova effect on Healthcare.  Mary Beth Kuzmanovich, Lillibridge

COVID-19 is affecting healthcare delivery, driving changes in real estate, and sponsoring innovation. Introduced by Emma Littlejohn of Emma and Company, this session highlights the paradox of financial strain on healthcare systems, which are central to the successful navigation of the pandemic crisis, yet losing critical operating funds.


Development Forum with All Women Team of Reina

June 11, 2020

What's it like working on Reina?

The feeling is very different but the development process is the same. Taya Cook, Urban Capital

No reason for posturing! Heather Rolleston, Quadrangle Architects

Moderated by Renée Gomes of First Gulf, this forum's focus is Reina, a Toronto development that places women and families at its center. The Reina team has gotten international attention as an all women endeavor, which in itself is noteworthy, but their legacy may be their unprecedented process of engagement including multiple public meetings/forums, and a recent kids’ design competition during this quarantine.


WDC Online: A Conversation with Developer and Entrepreneur Eve Picker, Small Change
June 4, 2020; 11 am ET

A Conversation with Developer and Entrepreneur Eve Picker

June 4, 2020

Every small change is a step toward big change. Eve Picker, Small Change

That she is just one person is hard to accept.  A native Melburnian and longtime resident of Pittsburgh, Eve's footprint on social media is large, her range of projects is large, and her enthusiasm for teaching and learning about real estate development is enormous.  In this session Eve highlights her trajectory, shows some projects, and explains the concept of crowd source funding and its potential impact on real estate.